A huge collection of interactive reading activities and links Reader's workshop ideas
Reading worksheets and resources K-6:

Reading Strategies

Making Predictions:
Scanning when Reading: - a fantastic detective game (Year 6 boys loved this) factsheet, worksheet, quiz, game Factsheet, worksheet, quiz, game Skim reading: factsheet, worksheet, quiz, game

Cause and Effect:
Cause and Effect Online Test:

Fact or Opinion: Factsheet, worksheet, quiz

Figurative Language: Contains a list of web addresses for each kind of FL

Rhetorical devices in sound Reading comprehension worksheets for several of the strategies

Author's Purpose: Types of text: Factsheet, worksheet, quiz, game

Summarising: Students can summarise what happens in this humorous clip (unable to embed clip) Factsheet, worksheet, quiz, game

Book Club An online, global book club for primary and secondary students Book Box has games, book details and activities

Novel/Text Study Podcasts on novels


Literature Circles Contains links to pdf lit circles activities


Glossary:,articleId-30084.html Shakespeare introductory lesson for students

Reading genres posters: