What is Geography? National Geographic site has many resources

Mapping and Global Knowledge

Online Games and Quizzes Quiz. (Go to 'subjects' and select 'Geography'') For every correct answer, this site donates grains of rice to an impoverished community! Blank world map that can be used for games and activities

Geography games: These games take you around the world - one is similar to the Amazing Race! Online game

Online Geography games: By correctly (or nearly) identifying world locations, you are helping to solve world poverty Virtual plane - land the plane in destinations around the world

Placefy and Cluesify: Where in the world quiz - good fun! Teleport me around the world! race against the clock to put map puzzles back together!!! A site with many online geography games

Map Statistics and Demographical Information Interactive world map showing statistics and demographics World maps and animated maps for a range of statistics

Mapping Skills and Tools
Four figure grid references: (embedded below) Huge resource for mapping skills!
this allows you to download google maps and draw on them in the IWB - geography – geography send someone their name in map form!!! 12 Interesting ways to use Google Maps

The YouTube clip below takes a humorous look at countries on the map:

This next clip shows 'Dancing Man' in a range of locations around the world:


Global warming interactive:

Climate 'dogs' animation:

Deserts Sahara Desert Webquest Desert Webquest

Antarctica WebQuest - group research task plus an oral taks Classroom Antarctica - a comprehensive online teaching resource produced by the Australian Antarctic Division. It is particularly aimed at grades 5 to 8

The World Fact Book: Antarctica game

Rainforests Explore the Ituri forest of Central Africa

Rainforest Webquest:

Biodiversity for Year 7 'Rainforests':

Natural Disasters Year 5/6 challenge based learning re natural disasters; could be adapted for older students




Earthfacts Trivia: