MATHS VIDEOS AND SLIDESHOWS: A virtual filing cabinet covering a huge range of mathematical concepts; includes worksheets A huge range of free mathematics concepts videos A huge database of maths in movies Mr Robb's Maths - a huge collection of YouTube videos for maths students Grade 6 Maths lessons and resources

MATHEMATICAL TERMS Great online maths dictionary

Number A range of activities on times tables, four operations, negative numbers, multiples and factors, rounding and estimation, ratio and proportion etc. Algebra tutorials Base Ten interactives * number lines game from simple to complex (complex includes negative numbers) Great activity on percentage

Order of Operations

Order of Operations Slideshare:

Fractions and Decimals Fractions, decimals and percentages

Fractions (for dummies? Everything you need to know in order to teach fractions!)

Data, graphs and charts

Download pre-made graphs for the IWB:


Maths is Fun - Diagrams, animations and examples

Pythagorean Theorem Games - Revision games

A water demonstration of the Pythagorean Theorem:

Measurement, shape and space measurement, shapes, space, Great resource for teaching students about perimeter - includes worksheets

Maths Quizzes

OTHER: Maths quiz. (Go to 'subjects' to find maths) For every correct answer, this site donates grains of rice to an impoverished community! Maths quiz page from WFC's Learning Together wiki Contains maths quizzes. You can also register to create your own. a huge range of interactive activities for students, categorised by concepts Maths, Learning and Web 2.0 Blog with great links to excellent online resources A brilliant Wiki full of lesson ideas, games, activities etc * The games from the above listed wiki *

Podcasts: great IWB resources for 5 and 6

Maths Games A huge range of great maths games A range of maths games A huge resource with maths games, lessons and activities graded Year 6-9 A fun, fast maths game

Here are some math sites I have bookmarked - heavy on math games but not all games: Maths games

Maths resource wiki that includes tutorials and clips:

Online Conversion Charts: