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Science Lab Safety Clip A large range of free explanatory videos Mythbusters clips to teach science Science games for kids Contains Science quizzes - you can also register to create your own! Contains examples and lesson plans for a large range of 'hands-on' science activities More science experiments and lessons has some great biomes eg. Desert, rainforest etc.| contains excellent science activities - one catch - you must sign up for a free account to access them Build an atom activity Several really great Science interactives! A brilliant collection of resources Science games Who wants to be a millionaire science quiz game


Neptune from Mitch Squires on Vimeo.

Neptune Teaches students about the solar system 8 Wonders of the Solar System made interactive Physics worksheets and activities

Science Podcasts: Teaching science with football (NFL)

Some of the generic links under 'Junior School' also contain great Science IWB resources.

BIOLOGY really cool heart animation

Nine amazing images of the human brain:

Digestive system slideshow:

Inside a cell: includes info, diagrams and clips

CHEMISTRY Quiz. (Go to 'subjects' and select 'chemistry'') For every correct answer, this site donates grains of rice to an impoverished community! an interactive periodic table A slideshow of what the elements look like Oxygen vs Helium video contains a range of chem and other science links smartboard resources for chemistry

Different types of rocks - video Rocks and minerals

GAMES Jefferson Lab science games